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EYFS Vision Statement

In the early years at The Hill Primary Academy we want children to be happy confident, well rounded individuals with a love for learning.  We believe in providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on each individual’s wants, needs and interests.

Children should have the opportunity to learn through play. Learning should be fun, engaging and suitably challenging. We value the importance of our outdoor environment and believe that it offers children the opportunity to develop their thinking and problem solving skills. Adults provide high quality interactions, they are role models for learning.

We are committed to providing the best possible start to their school life, teaching them skills and giving them experiences which will ensure their well-being now and success in the future.

Curriculum 2016-17

Autumn Term 1   Autumn Term 2  Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1  Summer Term 2 
Do you want to be friends?

Why do you love me so much?

Did dragons exist?

Will you read me a story?

How does that building stay up?

What happens when I fall asleep?

Are eggs alive?

Why can’t i have chocolate for breakfast?

Why do ladybirds have spots? Who lives in a rock pool?

What is a shadow?

2015 Early Years Policy